All surgery is performed as a day-case procedure. I perform most ERM vitrectomy procedures under local anaesthesia, whereby a small amount of anaesthetic is administered around the eye to numb it and permit surgery to performed painlessly. Whilst you will need to be comfortable and lie still for the duration of the procedure, you can feel reassured that if you do need to move, you can simply inform me and I will then allow you to make yourself comfortable again. The advantages of this approach are that there will be no requirement to starve before the procedure, you can go home very soon after the procedure, and there will be no risk to your general health unlike with general anaesthesia. If you feel that you may be quite anxious during the operation then mild sedation, in addition to the local anaestheticcan be provided by one of my team of highly-experienced private Consultant anaesthetists. This is an effective option which still retains the benefits of local anaesthesia. Some patients may still prefer general anaesthesia where you are put completely to sleep for the operation. For this option, you will be required to be nil by mouth prior to surgery and may require some pre-operative tests to ensure safe anaesthesia. I always also provide supplemental local anaesthetic when general anaesthetic is given, as this significantly alleviates any immediate post-operative discomfort.