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Will my Private Medical Insurance (PMI) cover the cost of my surgery?

You will need to check on an individual basis with your insurers, but most PMI providers do cover the cost of cataract surgery with a standard monofocal IOL. You can be rest assured that I am fully fee-assured so that there will be no extra charges to you from me for standard surgery. PMI providers do not however cover the cost

I am a self-pay patient. Is a finance option available?

Yes. You can feel reassured knowing that you can spread out the cost of surgery with attractive 0% finance packages available at all the private hospitals I practice at, making private cataract surgerywith all its advantages much more affordable and accessible.  

Will I still need to wear glasses after the operation?

This very much depends on the type of IOL you choose or are suitable for. Most patients who choose a monofocal lens may not require distance spectacles, but will still likely require varifocal, bifocal or reading spectacles following surgery. If you also have significant astigmatism and have a standard(non-astigmatism-correcting) monofocal lens, then you will likely require glasses for all distances.(links to animations etc)  Your chances of enjoying spectacle

How much time off will I need after the operation?

This will depend on multiple factors including your occupation, the level of vision in your other eye, and whether you must drive for a living. I will tailor this advice to your circumstances, but it is generally prudent to allow 1 week off from work. In most instances, it will be possible to continue to work from

Can I fly after the operation?

It is generally not advisable to schedule any foreign travel for immediately after eye surgery. If necessary, you can fly 1 week following surgery. 

When can I drive, and do I need to inform the DVLA about your surgery?

Normally, you should refrain from driving for 3 days following surgery. You may then start driving provided you have sufficiently good vision overall using both eyes to satisfy current DVLA visual criteria. In all instances, you must feel safe to drive. You will be advised whether you need to contact DVLA at your follow up appointments.  

Will there be any stitches to remove following the operation?

I generally employ modern sutureless microincision surgery for performing your cataract operation. It will be very unlikely that you will require stitches. If stitches are required, these will be removed 3-4 weeks following the procedure in the outpatient clinic using anaesthetic drops.  

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