This very much depends on the type of IOL you choose or are suitable for. Most patients who choose a monofocal lens may not require distance spectacles, but will still likely require varifocal, bifocal or reading spectacles following surgery. If you also have significant astigmatism and have a standard(non-astigmatism-correcting) monofocal lens, then you will likely require glasses for all distances.(links to animations etc) 

Your chances of enjoying spectacle independence will be much higher if you chose to have premium multifocal IOLs, in particular trifocal IOLs. In such instances, you can expect approximately a 90% chance of not requiring spectacles at all for regular near, intermediate and far distances. Pre-existing astigmatism can also often be corrected with toric IOLs. It is important to appreciate that a guarantee of spectacle independence can not be provided by any cataract surgeon or clinic.