Injection of a bubble of gas is important in the healing process after surgery to repair the FTMH. The type of gas used will depend on several factors including the size and duration of your FTMH, and how much vision you have in your other eye. I will discuss my recommendations with you in detail during your initial consultation with me.  Gases used in FTMH surgery include:  

 SF6 gas which can stay in your eye between 2-3 weeks before completely absorbing 

C2F6 gas which can remain between 4-6 weeks before completely absorbing   

C3F8 gas which can remain between 8-10 weeks before completely absorbing. 


For up to half of this time, you will have very limited vision in the eye, being generally only able to see hand movements in the middle of your vision. As the gas bubble absorbs, your vision will become clearer, particularly in the top part of your vision. You will become aware of a line in your vision resembling a spirit level, and it may feel as though you are seeing “underwater”.  The gas will progressively absorb until just a small bubble is noticeable in the bottom of your vision before it also completely disappears.