The most obvious benefit of cataract surgery is restoration of vision and improvement in your quality of life. Cataract surgery will allow you to enjoy again the things you used to do such as reading and driving, as well as any hobbies affected by poor vision. 

Cataract surgery is also an ideal opportunity to correct any significant refractive error such as long-sightedness (hypermetropia)short sightedness (myopia), and/or astigmatism in order to provide better unaided distance vision. Should you so wish, you may choose to use this golden opportunity to also correct age-related poor near vision (presbyopia) with premium multifocal IOLs (link) and maximise your spectacle independence. It is important to realise that cataract surgery will only correct the vision loss due to the cataract, and will not reverse loss of vision due to other conditionssuch as glaucoma or macular degeneration.