This very much depends upon your lifestyle choices and requirements. Monofocal lenses will give good distance vision and are a suitable choice for you if you really don’t mind always needing glasses for near and intermediate tasks. Significant astigmatism, if present,  will need to be corrected if you want good distance vision with a monofocal option. However, we find that more and more patients truly relish the idea of disposing with their distance, varifocal, bifocal or reading glasses for good and therefore choose to receive advanced premium IOLs. These are an excellent option that allows you to enjoy vision more akin to the vision you had when you were younger and did not need readingspectaclesThere is no perfect technologyhowever, that will make your eyes “20 years old again”.  Compared with monofocal lenses the vision with premium IOLs tends to be slightly less “crisp”, albeit generally much better than before cataract removal. Some patients also experience glare and haloes, or starbursts and other visual phenomenon (dysphotopsias)If present however, these generallysettle in the weeks to months after surgery with adaptation. Trifocal IOLs may not be suitable for patients who drive a lot at night or for a living, or who enjoy hobbies such as astronomy or who are significant perfectionists. Extended depth of vision lenses are reported to be associated with less of these symptoms but may not be totally free of these. Having said this, the overall satisfaction rate with multifocal lenses is very high, and the vast majority of patients would make the same choice again if they had to, in view of the significant freedom from irritating glasses that they now enjoy byhaving opted for premium IOLs. Finally, your eyes must be eligible to receive multifocal IOLs. If you have any significant other conditions such as glaucoma, or significant retinal disease, then these may not be the best option for you. In such cases, it would still be possible to implant an extended depth monofocal lens to give you better range of vision than a basic monofocal lens. All lens options will be discussed in depth with me and you will given information about the lens options before or at the initial consultation with me.